Wings Hawaii

Burnout Tanks

This tank provides a scoop neck both front and back to allow your skin to breathe in the best places. It is a charming tank that gives you more of a sophisticated style on the days when your body needs the lightweight clothing and airflow, but you want to look thoughtfully put together.

Sheer Tanks

This fitted racer back is perfect for when the dress code is totally casual. It is great to wear with fitted or flowy yoga pants, and is the perfect foundation to any outfit.

Eco Racer Coral Tank

A gorgeous loose fit racer back should be part of every woman's collection. A nice scoop neck shows off the most beautiful part of you, while giving you the freedom to move and be flexible throughout your day.

Burnout V-neck T-shirts

One of Wings most-worn pieces, this short sleeve burnout adds a pop of color and texture to your outfit, and is perfect for pairing with your favorite accessories.

Burnout Slouchy T-shirt

A nice adaptation to your typical sweater - cut the sleeves short! This piece gives a nice flowing short sleeved silhouette and will be one of your wardrobe staples.

V-neck Eco Hoodie Half-Sleeves

Wether you are heading to the beach or yoga class, this is your basic-ally garment. This super soft scoop neck short sleeve hoodie will provide sun protection and warmth when you need that extra layer to pull out of your bag. Simple and relaxing. It is the perfect pullover.
(The color of the Mermaid one is blueish grey whereas the Surfer Girl one is grey.)

V-neck Eco Hoodie Long-Sleeves

For your cooler evenings and mornings, Wings provides you with this single, effortless long sleeve hoodie. Perfect for a calm night in, and stylishly artful in its original screen printed Hawaiian Hala tree. This is a nice light hoodie you'll want to keep close by.

Eco Drawstring Pants

These adorable loose fitting pants feature more of Wings original screen prints and relaxed cut design. Provides a comfortable waist band and soft fabric for your every day errands - perfect for adding more causal cuteness to your look.

Raglan Long T

Welcome to cozy-chic in this adorable sweatshirt and original screen print. This relaxing fabric is the perfect piece in your everyday get up. Fitted sleeve cuffs and breathable neckline leave this garment feelings weightless and cozy all at once.

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Raglan Long T
Now $50

Organic Off-Shoulder Sweatshirt

Mix some casual cuteness into your look with this nice wide neck sweater. It is super snuggly soft. This will likely become one of your most loved pieces.

Long Sleeve Burnout

These long sleeve burn out shirts serve as a wonderful foundation to your collection. Easy to match and adds a nice layer to your look. You can chose this shirt for any occasion. Feels relaxed while giving you a fitted look.

Cotton Underwears (Underwater Series)

Maui's own little booty shorts with original underwater creatures’ screen print.
Sexy and bright - you'll love this little piece for its look and comfort.