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Dominick Leslie

kira kira life Dominick Leslie

Town: Brooklyn, New York
Country: USA

At age 3, Dominick Leslie began chopping to the beat on an ukulele with his dad's bluegrass band. 

At age 10, he purchased a Martin guitar with the Christmas and birthday money he had been saving for years. 

Just one year later, he picked up the mandolin and he hasn't put it down since.

By the time he was 12, he began writing his own music and practicing every day. 

A few years later at 15, he recorded his first solo CD Signs of Courage which received rave reviews from Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine.

He placed 1st in the 2004 Rockygrass Mandolin Contest at age 14 becoming the youngest contestant ever to win, and he placed 2nd in the 2005 and 2006 Merlefest Mandolin Contests at ages 15 and 16. He also placed 2nd in the Walnut Valley National Mandolin Championships at Winfield Kansas in 2007.

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