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Ken Kennell

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Town: New York
Country: USA

1. What is the main concept/theme of your work?

It is to try and convey to the viewer of my paintings the same wonder and fascination that I experienced when I was exposed to fine art beginning as a young teenager and continuing through this day. The pointillists painters from the impressionist era influenced my interest and subsequent technique that is a continuing theme in my work.

2. What would you like people to experience through your work?

I would feel that I was successful in my paintings if I could express the authentic beauty and grace of my subject matter and have my viewers feel that authenticity. With the images of Hula, when I first arrived in Hawaii, I was immediately struck by the dancers’ emotional, cultural involvement and commitment to the art form. He felt, as an artist, compelled to express how that made me feel, by honoring their authenticity by trying to capture it on canvas with oil paints.

3. Is there anything you want to tell kira kira life customers?

Thank you for taking the time to visit the site and take a look. If you like what you see, please spread the word, because whether you buy something or not, you are supporting real artists who are real people, not corporations. For Art to be the pride of every culture, it needs to be a part of every culture and supported and loved in order to survive...spreading the word is so important! Thank you, again!

4. What is your favorite quote?

“Be here now.” - Ram Dass

5. What do you do when you're feeling low?

I also find that this is my go to phrase for when I am feeling low because so often, when I am feeling low, I find that I am obsessing on regrets for things that have long passed or worried about the future. This, coupled with taking a long walk usually provides catharsis for my depression... 
Ken’s Bio

Ken calls a small “tiny home” on a farm in New York as his residence but, in reality, is now truly an artist of the world. This is his second long-term visit to La Gomera. He and his wife spend now more time traveling to different places on the planet to create paintings and harvest inspiration from the different people and their cultures all over the world. Ken has been creating paintings since 1970, mostly employing an impressionist technique known as “Pointillism.

The French Neo-Impressionists Georges Seurat and Paul Signac were the first artists to popularize the demanding style of Pointillism, or as they preferred to call it – Divisionism. This kind of painting depends upon the close juxtaposition of tiny points of intense pure-tone colors to produce a whole that is made up of its integral vibratory parts. It is also, as you can imagine, one of the most time-consuming methods of painting known. But unlike Signac’s and Seurat’s work, Ken Kennell attempts to create works that are alive with movement rather than static, paintings that seem to change with one’s “angle of regard”. While still being faithful to Pointillism’s style based on the law of optics and simultaneous color contrasts, there is a marked lack of Divisionist rigidity in Ken Kennell’s paintings. They move, and flow, and glow!

Ken, for over four decades, has been successfully selling his paintings and woodcarvings to clients from around the world and commanding prices of up to $ 50,000. His pieces are in public art collections and the private collections of heads of state, C.E.O.’s of major corporations, celebrities, and private individuals worldwide. Ken's work has been exhibited in many prestigious shows in Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Spain and Brazil and has been a juror in the Alaska Woodworkers Guild’s annual all-Alaska Woodworking Show. In addition to being a painter, Ken is an accomplished woodcarver, furniture builder, musician and a builder of one-of-a-kind custom homes. Ken also teaches art and guitar to children and adults.

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