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machine machine apparel by Shannon

kira kira life machine machine apparel

Town: Kauai, Hawaii
Country: USA

1. Why did you name your work machine machine apparel?

I have always loved The Machine Stops, a wonderful 1909 short story by E.M. Forster, which is a futuristic (and perhaps cautionary) tale about humanity, empowerment, fragility, and existence in the midst of pervasive technology and frightening disconnect.  The entire story unravels when, as the title suggests, the Machine stops.  I am very affected by stories like this.  Stories about the importance of doing things for ourselves and the value of authentic experiences through skillful labor with our own two hands and human strength and talent.  I later dubbed my clothing line machine machine as a wink to the story as well as to thank both my two sewing machines and my two hands.  

2. What is the main concept/theme of your work?

The intersection of nostalgia and modernity drives much of what I design and sew. I love the mixture of vintage and new fabrics to create pieces that are wearable, yet slightly chaotic and just crazy enough for the wearer to show off a personal style. I am deeply passionate about products made in Hawaii and want my company to reflect this happy island lifestyle that I live.

3. What would you hope for kira kira life customers when they wear your clothes?

I like the warm bubbly feelings you get when you associate a garment with a person, time, or place. It makes the garment important - even if only to yourself. I believe this is important for my customers and thats why they keep coming back to machine machine. Hopefully this relationship with the clothing will keep the garments relevant and wearable for years.  It is my hope that machine machine will have the world sparkling with joy and love! Thank you! 

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kira kira life machine machine apparel
kira kira life machine machine apparel
kira kira life machine machine apparel


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