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Sandra Wong

kira kira life sandra wong

Town: Boulder, Colorado
Country: USA

Sandra Wong was too young to remember, but her parents say she displayed a deep love of music from a very early age. With Beethoven's 5th as her nighttime lullaby, Sandra began studying the violin at age seven with the intention of becoming a concert violinist.

This remained her sole focus for fifteen years until she discovered fiddling…and her entire musical world was turned upside down! Suddenly music became about connecting with other people in a joyful, communal way rather than an isolated striving for perfection. It began with Irish, Old-time and Bluegrass festival jams and has grown into her current livelihood of teaching, performing, recording and collaborating with other musicians from a diverse range of world music genres.

In 1999, Sandra fell in love with a wonderful Swedish folk instrument called the nyckelharpa, a 16 stringed, keyed bowed instrument. It is now an integral part of her work and musical expression.

Sandra has toured nationally and internationally appearing at festivals such as Vancouver Folk Festival, Festival Vancouver, Festival D’ete, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Calgary Folk Festival, Moab Music Festival, Swallow Hill and others as both a solo artist and in collaboration with other musicians.

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