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Sol Flower Botanicals by Orius

kira kira life sol flower botanicals orius

Town: Maui, Hawaii
Country: USA

1. Why did you name your work Sol Flower Botanicals?

Aloha kakou! I chose the name Sol Flower Botanicals for a few reasons. 'Sol' represents the sun, which provides the life force energy for all life on earth, and is also a word play that speaks of our 'soul'. I incorporated 'Flower' in the name because I work with many blossoms and love the beauty each one imparts. The 'Botanicals' are the foundation of all the ingredients used in my products. 

2. What is the main concept/theme of your work?

My products promote organic and natural ingredients that are 'Human & Reef Safe'. I feel it is important to raise the awareness of the power of botanicals, and the positive effects of using natural products that protect the well being of the people and environment of our planet. I closely study each ingredient in all my formulas to ensure the safety of the whole circle of life. You can choose all natural, yet highly effective products simultaneously!

3. What would you hope for kira kira life customers when they use your creations?

My hope is that the experience of using my products brings a sense of beauty and a feeling of luxury. You can also feel a sense of empowerment by choosing organic products, making a direct impact on the health of the ecosystem. I am devoted to creating formulas that are effective and beautiful. Each customer can know that my products are hand made just for them! Mahalo & Aloha!

4. What is your favorite quote?

“Love is beyond words, and words of love are good too!” - Anonymous

5. What do you do when you're feeling low?

I go to the plants. I walk in the garden, I use some essential oils, I drink herbal teas. I surround myself with things I find inspiration in. Most importantly I accept myself being in this state and know this too shall pass, and hopefully learn more about myself.

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kira kira life sol flower botanicals