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The Tie Dye Yogi by Joseph

kira kira life tie dye yogi joseph

Town: Maui, Hawaii
Country: USA

1. What is the main concept/theme of your work?

Today it's all about respect and reverence to my teachers and nature. My hope is to bring healing, love and light to people through colors and to everyone who sees them wearing the art.

2. What would you hope for kira kira life customers when they wear your clothes?

All my clothing is made with the highest intentions for world peace and harmony. Also that I'm very grateful to provide a channel for people to connect to their colors within.

3. What is your favorite quote?

"Keep up be great.” - Sat Jiwan Singh Khalsa

4. What do you do when you are feeling low?

The number one form of Dis ease is in disconnecting from source! For me that's nature! So I go to nature.

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