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Wings Hawaii

kira kira life wings hawaii

Town: Maui, Hawaii
Country: USA

Wings Hawaii is an all-women run clothing and jewelry company based out of Maui, Hawaii.

Since 2002, it has grown from a school art project at UH Manoa into a studio & retail location located at the historical Pauwela Cannery in Haiku.

One of Wings Hawaii’s distinct elements are the unique designs used in both the clothing and jewelry which are inspired by the surroundings of Hawaii.

All jewelry in the Wings Hawaii collection is handmade in the Wings Hawaii studio. All components of the jewelry are hand fabricated of sterling silver and 14 karat gold fill. The exotic necklaces feature many semi-precious stones and shells that are hand picked from the beaches in Hawaii. This distinct quality of Wings Hawaii jewelry makes each piece a one-of-a-kind.

The fact that Wings Hawaii began as a grassroots operations gives it the authenticity it still maintains. Years of hard work, dedication, and creativity have helped Wings Hawaii achieve the goals that have brought the company to where it is today. Every bit is still created by hand with the same love and aloha as the very original pieces.

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kira kira life wings hawaii
kira kira life wings hawaii


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