kira kira life upcoming events


kira kira life upcoming workshops


kira kira life upcoming events


kira kira life believes that hand-made products have a special power to let us shine when we use them. What if we made them ourselves? We bet that the process of making something with our own hands lets us shine even more.

Therefore, kira kira life has decided to host workshops that teach us
to create things/foods with our own hands.

Let us shine through empowerment of being self-reliant and
being in touch with raw materials and raw inspiration in us and around us!
kira kira life past workshops




If you are interested in any of the past workshops and would like to receive a notification when it is planned in the future, please email us at and tell us which one you would like to participate. We will surely let you know. Also, if you have any idea for new workshop, please let us know, too!